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Bead Peeps Blog Hop


I was so excited to open my Bead Peeps Blog Hop package.  My jaw fell open as I looked at pieces I’ve never even seen before except in pictures!  There are bone beads, seed beads, amber, trade beads, Czech beads for African trade, a large African trade bead that looks like polymer?, not sure, but it is lovely, some Sari silk and an adorable copper nest that Jayne made.  Here is a link to her blog…

Jayne Capps

I have never worked with any beads like these and I’m excited to try out what my brain is already mulling over.

Here is the picture of my beads from Jayne Capps…



This is what I sent Jayne…


Some of my handmade impressed ceramic stoneware beads, wood beads, metal beads, glass seed beads, some waxed linen and an old clothing snap from years ago.  I hope she likes them.

Well, here I go, mulling over and creating, tearing out and starting over more than once I’m sure.  And tear up I did, more than once, but I like what I came up with!


I made a ring out of the nest Jayne sent me.  It was the odd one in the bunch and it took me a while to figure out what to do with it.  I am not a wire worker, but this one works for me.  Please pardon the wrinkles!


This evening is when I finally finished this necklace and earring set.  If you look closely, you will see the earrings are actually clasps Jayne sent that were extras. And if you look just right, they are in the shape of hearts.  It took me until this evening to come up with this.  I could not for the life of me find my earring wires, so since these are mine forever, I quickly made some wires.


This set is my favorite.  I wove the Sari ribbon into this chain that I had.  I also used every bead I could and made a six layered bangle for the necklace.


Here are the earrings to both sets.  See the “hearts”?

This was a fun time and I appreciate being added to #BeadPeepsSwap

Here is the list of bloggers and hoppers, have fun!

Our Hostess: Linda Anderson from http//
Linda Anderson
Marica Zammit
Linda Anderson
Jessica Hocutt
Kristina Hahn Eleniak
Debbie Jeffries http://wordpress/debrasdivinedesigns/
Rosantia Petkova
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Annica Larsson
Lori Schneider
Divya N
Mowse Doyle
Fay Wolfenden
Kathy Lindemer
Claire Fabian
Janice Warden Bergeron
Natalie Davidson
Deb Fortin
Inge von Roos
Karen Mitchell
Robin Reed
Marie Covert
Alicia Marinache
Nan Smith
Johana Nunez
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Lori Blanchard
Sue Kennedy
Shai Williams
Niky Sayers
Melissa Trudinger
Candida Castleberry
Erin Guest
Nicole Rennell
Ien Temaluru
Robin Showstack
Sam Waghorn
Marianne Baxter
Elsie Deliz-Fonseca
Shai Williams
Lee Koopman
Jayne Capps
Marti Conrad
Tina Bosh
Eleanor Thomas
Jeanne Steck
Gloria Allen
Rachel Mallis!blog/c1jlz
Andrea Glick
Stephanie Stamper
Chris Haussler
Betony Maiden
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Jenny Kyrlach
Colleen Foley
Marybeth Rich
Marcy Lamberson
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
Ginny Lones
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Loretta Carstensen
Dolores Raml
Michelle McCarthy
Louise McCormick-Glazier
Heather Richter
Tammy Adams
Shirley Moore
Seed Beaders
Susanne Stelljes
Sheila Prosterman
Pallavi Asher
Jami Shipp
Peggy Kosier
Andra Weber
Catherine King
Krafty Max
Sierra Barrett
Lois Sherwood
Katy Heider
Rebecca Robertson (White)
Heather Richter
Brandy Collier
Stephanie Haussler
Lori Blanchard
Kathleen Breeding
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Peggy Johnson

24 thoughts on “Bead Peeps Blog Hop

  1. You will have so much fun!

    1. I did!

  2. well, you got some real goodies. I’ll stop by again to see what you make. And how lucky that you had some of your own beads for the trade

    1. Yes, I did. I love making beads!

  3. Marti that is an awesome haul! I just know you will make something beautiful!

  4. How SWEET to make a ring with the little nest! =) And I ADORE the ear wires you made. (You wanna share what gauge of wire you used?)

    You did a *fabulous* job with your goodies! Congrats on a great Swap N Hop!


    1. I used the only wire I had on hand…not a great choice, but it is silver at 22 gauge.

  5. Marti- what a lovely mix of beads to give and get! I love what you made, too! That ring is truly wonderful.

    1. Thank you!

    2. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you!

  6. What exciting colors! and a very delicious necklace! Love it.

    1. Thanks again!

  7. I love the earrings …..

    1. Thank you!

  8. Beautiful necklace and earrings plus a great ring with the bird nest.

    1. Thank you!

  9. Your sari silk necklace is beautiful, and the little nest works really well as a ring. The trade bead focal looks great set with the Amber? pieces.

    1. Thank you so very much! I enjoyed working with everything.

  10. I love the little heart clasp earrings! So inventive!

  11. The components you received make me think of spices, like maybe for curry. And your necklace makes me think of some wonderfully exotic spiced dish with layers of flavors. Beautifully done.

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